Participants (ed.1)

This international competition mainly targets schools and children athletic clubs from around Timișoara. It aims to be an euro-regional reference. At the first edition, a number of 300 competitors attended. Along with elementary schools and high schools from our county, the following clubs and organisations checked in for their participation:

Athletic Clubs from Serbia

AK Atina Vršac
AK Dinamo Pančevo
AK Tamiš Pančevo
AK Proleter Zrenjanin
AK Panonija Pančevo

Athletic Clubs from Hungary

Gyulasport Nonprofit Kft.

Athletic Clubs from Romania

CSM Baia Mare
CSS Gloria Arad
CSS Lugoj
CSS Caransebeș
ASO Deta
CS Ride Competition Cornești
CS Giroc-Chișoda
LPS Banatul Timișoara
CS Athletics Timișoara

Schools and Highschools from Timiș County

Lic. Teoretic “David Voniga” Giroc
Școala Gimnazială Mașloc
Școala Gimnazială nr.30 Timișoara

Special Schools from Timiș County

CSEI “Alexandru” Roșca Lugoj
CRAE “Speranța” Timișoara
CSEI “P.P.Neveanu” Timișoara
CSEI “C.Pufan” Timișoara


On the stadium’s wide screen a presentation of participants and sponsors was made.